Brandon Wilson (Buggzy Hoffa) is an accomplished, writer, musical lyricist & producer, with his music videos rap single “Pray On” hitting #1 on iTunes‘ Hip Hop Chart in South Africa. He’s signed by Sony‘s Orchard (Eric B Music Group). His other music videos “Fire Hose” hit 1,101,430 views on YouTube and “Entrepreneur” breaking  2,132,001+  views on World Star Hip Hop.  He’s also Verified✓ on Instagram. His love of comics & anime, show in his new book, Gekido.  Brandon: “As the written creator of Gekido, I love writing this title. Coming up with the ideas & stories, fulfills me & I have huge plans for this series with a lot of surprises & twists.

As for the artistic creator of Gekido, no one else can bring my ideas to life, like Graig Weich.

I first saw Graig’s art in Spawn. He has really grown as an artist & his input has been invaluable. His art is beautiful & speaks for itself.

Not many know how much harder it is for independent artists to get our work out there.

We don’t have a huge staff like the big companies, it’s just the few of us, working non-stop until it gets done, in-between the trials & tribulations of surviving what life throws at us. Most recently Graig stayed up 36 hours without sleep to finish this book in time, if that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. I’ve pulled a few all-nighters myself.

I so value the fans who supported our last Comic Con preview Comic: Gekido Vs. Code Name: Justice #0. I can’t wait to reveal what happens in the next issues of Gekido!”

Brandon has produced music videos, short films & is currently recording his music & writing the next issues of Gekido. [hupso_hide]