After breaking up with the love of her life, Pharrell, AKA Ravedactyl, Genie is kidnapped by Sunder, leader of G.A.H.,
in order to lure Ravedactyl to them. They torture and transform her into an evil power they control, named Tricity.
Genie risks her life to escape, but goes back to the source of her mental torture, facing her inner demons.
She puts the armor that they used to control her back on to become Tricity once again, but this time on her own terms. She then seeks out and turns against her attackers, using her powers to save the innocent while on the search to destroy those who took her life away from her. The evil that once controlled her, she
now controls! TRICITY.
(Tricity can be seen in a sneak Peek in the comic Gekido followed by the upcoming comic book Ravedactyl)
Starring Adrianne Curry (Stan Lee’s World Of Heroes’ Super Fans & winner of America’s Next Top Model)