Meet the Creators

Graig F. Weich is  Artist/Writer/Director/Actor & founder of his multi-media art studio: www.BeyondComics.TV  that creates IPs/source material to license into movies, TV, video games & merchandise. As an independent artist, Graig first broke into comics when Todd Mcfarlane hired him to be the featured poster artist of SPAWN issue #30 from Image Comics at the young age of 19. (Graig and Spawn created Todd McFarlane reminisce about it in their new video on Youtube). At 24, his self-published Tribute comic “Justice” was honored with the Comic Book Museum Award along with Stan Lee. Graig: “I had a lot to learn back then but have since grown & understand how things really are & hope my new  work will show that. I really appreciate my supporters who continue to inspire me to keep going, though it takes a hell of a lot longer for us little guys to get our work out there, I keep moving ahead, not only for myself, but for them too.” 

✓Graig directed an independent film based on his characters that WON the HBO UAS Award  &  Best Action Short at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, making it the first independent superhero live-action short, in history, to win any festival! His film stars: NBC’s SCRUBS: Donald Faison (Kick Ass 2), Grammy Award Winner: Coolio & Star Wars’ Dave Prowse (Darth Vader).   Graig can be seen on-camera with walk-on roles in the movies: The Dark Knight Rises (Batman) & Spider-Man 1 & 3.  Now  Graig spends much of his time taking care of his family & donating his art for charities to help raise money for sick children & animals in need.   His Facebook page hit 49,000 followers, with his Instagram now at 53,500 follower and his YouTube Channel broke 3,600,000 views  &  counting. . . 

✓Recently he got signed by an Emmy Award winning TV and Movie producer to turn his comic books into multiple film scripts.

✓He also just got another distribution deal by one of Marvel Comics’ international distributors to have his comics released in France, Germany, Italy and Spanish speaking countries.

Graig began teaching art classes at age 15 , then began an art program at the Studio Elementary School & has since given lectures at the College Universities: New York Institute of Technology & School Of  Visual Arts.  Graig has appeared on 20/20  ABC News, CNBC & Fox TV’s Buried Treasure (Keno Bros.), AMC TV’s Comic Book Men by Kevin Smith, The Howard Stern Show , The Huff Post (Huffington Post), Newsweek, LIFE, VH1’s TV show starring Gary Dell’Abate (“Bababooey”) & on the ICE-T & Coco TV Show: Ice Loves Coco, on E! Entertainment Television & Ice & Coco on FOX.  And  joining Graig’s Company is Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (the original and new Mortal Kombat 11 and The Man In The High Castle on Amazon Prime).

Graig is currently working on the new comic books: GEKIDO issue #2 & has the scripts and layouts completed for Code Name : Justice #1 and for Tricity. The 2 hour Animatic Motion Storyboard & Script are completed for Ravedactyl: Life Beyond Death, plus the comics to come in the near future with 3 more scripts based on other characters in the works. 

✓Coco also featured Graig & Beyond Comics to all 15 Million of her combined followers!

✓Beyond Comics’ two new action figures, Cleo and Tricity, sold-out worldwide from the manufacturer, licensed by TBLeague / Phicen LTD.

Graig: “I don’t come from a rich family & I have busted my hump to make everything you see here a reality. Every day is a struggle. As we age & real life hits, we must rise above it & keep going. Taking care of my family’s health issues & working non-stop has taken a toll, it’s been years since my last vacation & I stayed up 36 hours without sleep to meet the deadline to make this book,  Gekido, but my fans make it all worth while!

My writing partner & Co-Creator of Gekido, Brandon Wilson, is a true gift to this craft & he inspires me to keep going! Though us Independent artists are small, compared to the huge companies, we have a voice & ideas too & I hope the press & exposure I fight each & every day to gain will break down the barriers for other independent artists like myself & give them a voice so they can be heard as well.  After all, we can’t take our success with us into the next life (only the positive energy created), so we better make this one count & leave something of value behind to inspire the next generation.

I thank my fans, online & comic shop supporters for keeping comics going.  Independent Comics, forever! It’s the fight to keep new superheroes alive to inspire, that’s why it’s not just about comics, but taking it Beyond Comics, hence the name of my studio.”