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-Graig Weich appears on ICE LOVES COCO with Ice-T & Stan Lee on E! Entertainment Television!

-Graig Weich gets cast in the Dark Knight Rises Christopher Nolan’s 3rd Batman film!

-Weich appears on ABC News 20/20!

-Weich signs deal with 151 Prod. for Gekido, the new Graphic Novel Comic Book series!

-ABRAMS ARTIST AGENCY Signs Beyond Comics, to turn their Comic Book Graphic Novels into Feature Films!

-Weich appears again on Comic Book Men on AMC TV by Kevin Smith at the Secret Stash with Jay and Silent Bob!

-Weich & Wilson’s Comic Book Gekido Vs. Code Name: Justice , sells out in 8 hrs at Comic Con!

-Weich appears on FOX TV’s Buried Treasure!

-Weich’s comic goes to #1!


MADISON SQUARE GARDEN features Beyond Comics:
Our CEO, Graig F. Weich of Beyond Comics was interviewed on 20/20 ABC News,MTV & FOX (Click to see) for his New SuperHeroes: “Ravedactyl” (coming soon) & “Code Name: Justice” (formally Civilian Justice) has also made the list for being one of the top independent selling Comic Books across the world (USA, CANADA & ENGLAND) since its release & now just WON one of the top 10 Awards from the prestigious annual Comic Book Museum’s Golden Panel Award for Excellence! (other winners include Stan Lee, Spider-Man, Marvel comics & as mentioned above, our very own Civilian Justice from Beyond Comics Inc.)!NYC ComicBook Museum/ABC News: Write-Up.

See a video Preview of his work & press or on FaceBook!

“PRESIDENT OBAMA appears in both our upcoming Comics and 3D CGI Animated Film!”

“It’s official!*CAPTAIN AMERICA* (from MARVEL Comics) appears in *Civilian Justice*, the Award Winning Tribute Comic Book from Beyond Comics!”“Todd McFarlane’s *SPAWN* from Image Comics is set to appear in Code Name: Justice and Ravedactyl, Beyond Comics’ upcoming Graphic Novels!”“It’s Pay Back Time! A real life hero in the world of comics; “Code Name: Justice” is the first NEW Super Hero to fight against realistic evil villains of all kinds, while representing the voice of the People, for he does NOT attack, he Defends!”

Remember the name Graig F. Weich… for he could be the future of creating Comic Books!


That’s one big challenge we’r doing our best to live up here at Beyond Comics Ent. We had a major segment interviewing us on 20/20 ABC NEWS & showing clips from our Award Winning Comic Book & Movie properties on MSG‘s FOX SPORT NET-TV SHOW,The Howard Stern Show as well as our Live interview on Docotor Dre‘s: Power 105.1Radio Show from “Yo MTV Raps” fame) & on the Comic Book Novice Live Radio Show, just to name a few!!!

Beyond Comics Inc. is the New Multi- Media/Comic Book Company devoted to creating NEW Original Super Hero Comic Books & Movies since opening in 1998! Our creator & founder, Graig F. Weich has worked on Spawn for Image Comics before launching his own company www.BeyondComics.TV . Civilian Justice, the Comic Book, is Distributed by Marvel & DC Comic’s number one distributor for comic books in the world: Diamond Distribution! We’ve also just been accepted by a 2nd distributor that covers NewsStands, Book Stores & Gift Shops (Including Barnes & Noble & The Virgin Mega Store) premiering next quarter as well as being signed for our Animated Movie & Video Game deals! See this Pic of our CEO Graig Weich in the movies Spider-Man 3 & 1 photo. Watch the Spidey Trailer with Graig.

See a video Preview of his work & press

190,000 views to our YouTube Video (75,000 in just 1 week!)



*Thanks to our 8,000,000 million fans for their support! That’s why we’re not just comics, we’re Beyond Comics*

Since we Won the New York International Film Festival, we have just been signed by Abrams Artist Agency, the Strong Hold Group / Upshot Licensing Agents (who is also one of the reps for MARVEL, Rapper: Nelly & Playboy), Hans Licensing (India License Agent), The Viardo Agency (VH1, America’s Next Top Model), Mango Mobile Cell Phones, Schocker Toys, as well as with Ken Atchity’s: AEI Management Group (with Warren Zide, producers of the Movies Finale Destination 1 & 2 and American Pie) who also did the Movies: “Life or Something Like it” Starring *Angelina Jolie* & the upcoming “Ripply’s Believe it or Not” Movie, in association with the makers of “the Mummy” & “the Mummy Returns” Movies, Starring: Brendan Frasier with Universal Pictures

Our two Movie preview-shorts Won the NY International Film Festival & have previewed in NY, LA, Las Vegas, Cannes & MSG(Madison Square Garden-Our Award Photos and -Our Movie Titles: and -Our Movie Synopsis: and -Our Award Ceremony and -Winners List

Our NEW Interview: GPX Gaming from NYCC Comic Con for Gekido Vs Code Name Justice & Ravedactyl

Graig interviewed by GPX Gaming on his movie role in The Dark Knight Rises Batman 3 & signs new book deal for: Gekido